Running the most responsible, transparent business that we can starts with the contracts and agreements we have with you, our clients. The CampMinder Legal Center is here to help you best understand your relationship with CampMinder, LLC.

If you have questions, we’re here to help at any time. And from all of us here, thank you for being part of the CampMinder Family.

Contracts & Agreements

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Master Licensing Agreement

The Master Licensing Agreement (MLA) is the primary agreement that governs your relationship with CampMinder, LLC.


Training Policy

The CampMinder Training Policy outlines the guidelines, requirements, and general procedures provided as part of the onboarding process.


Terms of Service

The CampMinder Terms of Service outline the terms and conditions under which you are authorized to use CampMinder services.


Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is here to help clients better understand how we collect, use, disclose, and process personal data through our services.


Consultation & Support Policies

Our Consultation & Support Policy is here to help clients better understand our ongoing availability for consultation and support.